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Find Out What You Should Buy When Visiting Nepal

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Find Out What You Should Buy When Visiting Nepal

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Known for its mountain peaks, and being a landlocked country between North China and South India makes Nepal well-known of its unique tours. Different from other countries which rich of  shopping mall and business district, Nepal also has much things to offer from its natural wealth and the unique culture. This beautiful country is rich in culture, beautiful scenery, and gladden trekking trails.

When it comes to Nepal, it most likely you will always get a greeting from the people around. The Nepalese always treat the tourists with warm heart, meek words, and also with a smile. No wonder that makes Nepal renowned for its friendly local people.

The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, is indeed in Nepal. Beside than that, not many people know that Nepal also has large handcraft industries surrounding metal works and jewelry. Other uncommon things include spices, tea, dolls, and sculpture.

Tourists who traveling to Nepal definitely will find plenty unique things with a great prices. But don’t forget to bring a souvenirs from stunning Nepal for friends or family. The souvenirs stores are easily to find. Before purchasing an items or souvenirs, make sure you know what you are looking for eventhough it’s possible to do a bargain.

Here are some of the most famous things and should-buy item at a Nepali stall:

1. Delicious Nepali Tea

Everyone agreed that tea has so many benefits for our health. Nepal has its delicious tea. It ended with herbish taste because the weather in Nepal is perfect for tea bushes. Bringing home local tea produced there is one of the best way.

2. Handmade Pashmina

It often unknown that Nepal also has large industry in clothing material. Pashmina is a designation for cashmere in Asia. The price offered for pashmina is variety depends on its model and materials. Most best selling model for pashmina products is scarf and shawl. It also come in a wide selections of colour.

3. Singing Bowls

As the name indicates, singing bowls produced low or high pitch sound. The sound is come from the bowl’s material which is metal when the rim is rubbed in a circular motion by a small wooden stick.

4. Jewellery

Kathmandu as the capital city of Nepal is well known as a great place to jewellery shopping. There, no need to spend lots of money to get a high quality of jewellery. Each jewellery stores provide silver and gold in diverse models.

5. Thangka Paintings

Considering that most of the population of Nepal is Buddhist and Hindu, so Thangka Painting has been an authentic traditional souvenirs that contains religious meaning. The meaning of Thangka Painting reflecting the faith and the culture of the people. The materials of Thangka Painting is also vary, from silk to embroidery. They come in pocket sizes all the way to huge wall hangings.

Have you ever shopped in Nepal, deCODE friends? Please take a note that bargaining in Nepal is normal. Hope you have a great time shopping in Nepal!

Reporter: Vanesa Bella | Editor: Saysa Semitari P & Galih Perdana

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