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Is Airplane Coffee or Tea Safe To Drink?

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Is Airplane Coffee or Tea Safe To Drink?

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When you take a flight and stewardess make an offer coffee or tea what are you choose? Coffee or tea? Maybe both it. Did you know that from airline food study The Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center suggesting to avoid drinking the water airlines use in flight, and EPA investigation found disease-causing pathogens could be in the water of 15 percent of planes. Not only water be contaminated which airplane beverage can also.

I would be suggesting to not against drinking the hot drinks offered on planes because it can increase dehydration but it is most likely loaded with bacteria.

Is Airplane Coffee or Tea Safe To Drink?
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For your information, the hoses and tanks in airlines what appear to be not so clean by reason of water is just sitting for long periods of time. Even flight attendant when they are asked to choose drank hot coffee or hot tea they said aren’t both. But isn’t dirty water safe to drink if it’s boiled? According to the New York State Department of Health, boiling is best defined as pasteurization, not sterilization. Sterilization kills all organisms present.

Pasteurization, however, only kills organisms which harm humans, and only if the pasteurization is effective. This is determined by temperature and time. And if stewardess is rushed and don’t heat the water up to a high enough temperature may be it could still be contaminated.

Is Airplane Coffee or Tea Safe To Drink?
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Scientist from Clemson University doing testing airplane water and found strains of Salmonella, Staphylococcus Bacteria (which causes staph infections) and insect eggs in some of the samples. And two scientist recommend sticking to canned or bottled beverages if you want to be “extra safe” or if you have a compromised immune system. So guys, when you read this information, are you still want drink airplane beverage or carry beverage own?


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