April 21, 2024


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Oh, Girl!

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Oh, Girl!

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She said, cheating is probably the most unpleasant thing you can ever do to someone you love. But for me babe, if you don’t love her anymore and you are no longer in a relationship, I doubt it still called cheating.

Now I’m going to talk about a girl. Since the first time I knew her just by heard her name and read her writings, I thought she was a graceful broken-hearted girl who always tried to express her feeling by words. She let the readers feel the way she feels, made them drown by her stories. What a writer, I think.

I thought she was a broken-hearted girl who always tried to remain strong and rise up again and tried to come back to be someone the way she used to even better. Who tried to be a better person eventho she was down. I thought she was a sincere girl who would face the reality and wisely move on. I thought she was nice.

But you know what? I was genuinely wrong.

She actually let the readers feel the way she feels as if she’s really a victim and innocent, without told them any mistakes she has made. Oh girl, did you tell them that you’re not truly innocent because you still have those personalities which made him leave you? You didn’t. 

She told them she’s the one who’s being hurted, dumped and forgotten and she made them believe that she’s the real truth and he was a crook. Babe, don’t you remember he was trying to hide his feeling for a long time just because he at least tried not to hurt you? Didn’t you think it was hurted him too?

She made them pro on her just to satisfy herself and ego.  Do you feel that way now? No, you don’t. Because you will never satisfy until you witness him broken. 

She indirectly told them that he’s the one who makes her think that she’s the most pathetic person. But the truth is, it’s her. She’s the one who always makes herself thinks that she’s pathetic and useless. She always blames others just to make her look right.

You know babe, what I see in her now is, that she’s a desperate introvert broken-hearted girl whose now full of hatred and revenge. She’s a childish and always blames others. She assumes that she’s weak and innocent but she thinks that she always right.

And the most important thing that she viciously wants him broken instead of focus on herself by trying to be a better person.

Oh girl, now I suggest you to live your life and try to move on. Everything takes time. Go make yourself busy and try to be more productive. I’ve felt what you feel. I’ve ever been hurt too, so I know how that feels. Think that it must have been a part of life. Learn something and try to accept this ugly truth. Forgive yourself and others and stop cursing everything. Time heals.

If you feel resentful when you read this, think how do I feel when I read yours.


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