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The Review of Shokugeki No Soma: Season 3

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Review: Shokugeki No Soma Season 3 - Will Soma be able to overcome the battle against the Academy? (2017)

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Honing new skills and ideas during the Stagiaire under Shinomiya, Soma Yukihira along with others follow-up to The Moon Banquet Festival, where Soma decides to battle the 8th Seat Elite, Kuga Terunori. However when an unusual guest, who has a long history with the Totsuki decides to take over it & invites chaos and trouble with him. Will Soma be able to overcome the battle against the Academy itself?

This surprised me as I just started enjoying a more improved storyline from this season where The Festival Arc showcases a perfect build up for this season. The culinary skills and ideas, the spirit of competition among characters, especially between Kuga and Soma with a layer of humour, makes the anime brilliant. The story never leaves any character behind. The anime balances a really stable screen time of supporting characters with ease.

But right after 4 episodes, the atmosphere changes at a perfect timing. A really of unexpected surprises and change of theme which definitely gives a Game of Thrones vibes here. The execution is really well made. Some battles are worth nothing.

Another strong adaptation from Studio J.C.Staff. The anime makes better use of their characters and inclusion of new characters never go wasted. The music is really nice with new tracks and themes for various scenes and characters, also retaining the old ones at the same time.

The animation quality, as usual is good but lacks details in some aspects. There are some CGI in a few scenes that one can ignore. The star-studded voice cast is definitely a treat. I just couldn’t be serious when Tomokazu Sugita voiced Eizan Satsuya’s as his voice, and it always reminds me of Gintoki from Gintama.

However the studio focused so much on adapting the source material that the anime has loose ends around some character portrayals and relationships such as Erina Nakiri’s characterization. It feels so rushed and lacks some emotional content that is really needed. In the 2nd act of the season, the EPs feels less plot driven and relies only on Shokugekis – such as EP10 which was unnecessarily long and could have finished off in 10 minutes tops so that we can see some other character improvements and their cooking skills which makes them stand-off from the rest.

Soma once again matures as the protagonist. His enthusiasm, open-minded nature, funny personality, and his cooking skills that are fearful, gives us a motivational spirit. Erina’s character development could have been better.

Supporting roles such as The Polar Star Members and the rest are really good. New characters like Rindou Kobayashi and Eishi Tsukasa are really well portrayed. The surprising one was Eizan Satsuya. His sinister nature just evolved a lot here. The main antagonist was amazing but his presence just feels indifferent and unfocused due to the season’s loose execution.

Shokugeki No Soma (SnS) season 3 is like a season 2. SnS season 3 has a consistent with a surprise change in the storyline, well portrayed characters, and improved animation and also keeping the original theme in mind and not leaving it stagnant.

Personal Review:
Shokugeki No Soma: 
Season 3 (2017)

Story : 8.2/10
Characters : 8.5/10
Art : 8.4/10
Animation : 8.4/10
Music : 8.3/10

OVERALL : 8.3/10

By: Kenneth Hayden | Editor: Sasya Semitari P & Galih Perdana

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