Close the door

It’s too cold for you

Even you wear a blanket


Hello, you know my name?

I’m Charlie, and nice too meet you


The day that I apologize

For leaving without permision

I’m sorry,

I don’t know how to say goodbye

I scared that I will hurt you

Even I know I will


You cry over the night,

And until now,

I know I know you still love me

I am sorry for all of the mistake

I’m sorry for leaving


Now I wan’t to make you feel better

Even though I know, I can’t

I just wan’t you to close the door

Don’t open it for me

I don’t wan’t you to cry anymore

I don’t wan’t to make the same feeling when I leave you


The sun can’t make you feel warm,

When you open the door for me,

Please lock the door

And throw the key

Even though I try so hard to back to you



And goodbye

Writer: Nur Syifa Buchis Editor: Novia Aprilia Hermawan