June 8, 2023


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Minimalism: A Way of Living with Less

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Minimalism: A Way of Living with Less

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Minimalism is a word that we often hear, it’s everywhere around us. When you search minimalism on Google, you’ll find gorgeous rooms with white walls and plants featuring all things Scandi. From interiors to fashion, minimalism seem to be the coolest way of life. We may think that minimalism is only about using neutral colors and decorating rooms in a simple way, but it’s more than that, it’s a way of living.

Though minimalism has been here around the internet for years, the question is, do you know what does minimalism actually means? Well, if you don’t, these basic things below could be your bright-eyed foray into the world of minimalism.


Minimalism: A Way of Living with Less
source: psychbytes.com

The easiest way to explain minimalism is a commitment of buying less and focusing on things that are made to last. Minimalism is actually a value-based living. This means minimalists tend to buy something in a really good material instead of having lots of things that ends up in landfill.


Minimalism: A Way of Living with Less
source: charlessledge.com

Save Money, Maximise Experience!
It sounds cliche but it’s true – think about it. When you’re committed to owning less stuff, you sure can use your money on things that matter. You’re allowed to discover new experiences by travelling the world with the money you have from buying less. Some minimalists even decide to sell their house to go travelling. So, you better spend your time with rocking out music festivals and hiking great mountain!

Less Stress

Minimalism: A Way of Living with Less
source: design-milk.com

When your house is cluttered, you’ll waste your time trying to find things. Seriously, this stresses you out, especially when you’ve got a deadline coming up or even in a hurry. Surrounding yourself with those unused stuff leads you to feeling afraid of losing things By being a minimalist, you’ll be less stressed as everything are easy to locate. The less things you have to worry about, the more happiness you will find.

More Freedom

Minimalism: A Way of Living with Less
source: parade.com

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle allows you to have an aesthetically pleasing room like the ones you see on Google. You’ll have a space for everything and keep everything in place. A clean, well-organized room will naturally help you to have more freedom to do more things. This will also help you to have a clearer mind.

After reading this, we all know that getting rid of unused stuffs and being a minimalist allows us to have a better life. So, deCODE friends, do you want to adopt minimalism to be your lifestyle? Let us know!

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