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Being The Stylish Library In Singapore, What Does Library @Orchard Offer?

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Being The Stylish Library In Singapore, What Does Library@Orchard Offer?

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Reading is a window to the world

That’s what many people said. We are certainly accustomed to do a lot of reading since we were young. Through reading, we can expose ourself to know new things, new information, and new ways to achieve one thing. Then, who knows that you might find your new hobbies within reading?

Reading can be done anywhere when you have a leisure time. The wider community now uses the internet more to get an information than come to the library. In fact, in the library we can find many reference books and reading with a comfortable atmosphere and of course it will be more conducive.

Singapore might be a common destination for Indonesia citizens. Singapore is known as a small, clean, and comfortable country. If you are bored of shopping in the Orchard Road area, or enjoy the rides at Universal Studios, you can certainly try a new and useful tourist spot in Singapore.

Strategically located in the heart of the commercial district of Orchard Road, you can visit Library@Orchard which located at Orchard Gateway Building on 3rd and 4th floors. Aiming to increase reading interest from the visitors, Library@Orchard focuses on the concept of simple and unique library design. Even it is located in an elegant shopping area, the library had been an excellent haunt for teenagers and young adults.

Library@Orchard believes that the concept and design of a library is important to triggered

The interest of the visitors and make reading as part of our everyday activity. Unlike other libraries, here, the public can’t only read, but also can play the associated dvd player.

So here are 5 reasons why you should visit these two-floored stylish library:

  1. You can obviously book surfing. Yup, the genres of book is separated in an order way. You can find many categorization such as Fiction, Business, Literature, People, and many more in different branch.
  2. It’s a lifestyle. In this branch, the books is all about gastronomy books, languages, and self enrichment. All books in this category helps us to achieve our good lifestyle.
  3. Take in the light. Bored of reading on the desk and just sit in your chair? Move to this natural sun light spot with a green view which makes our vision fresh.
  4. Self service kiosks. Couldn’t reach the top of the branch? You can use this moving ladder to get your book. Don’t worry, it’s a sturdy ladder with a rail on top.
  5. Pick and play your favorite movies. This library provides more than 100 DVD that can be watched for free. Including romance genre, horror, adventure, and many more. Equipped with medium screen and headphone.

A library will look modern if it looks modified into a stylish concept yet still cozy. So, don’t forget to write Library@Orchard in your itinerary if you go to Singapore, deCODE friends!

Written by: Vanessa Bella | Editor: Sasya Semitari P & Galih Perdana

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