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Take a Look of How Chinese Celebrates The Bright and Prosperous New Year 2018

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Chinese New Year 2018: Celebrates Bright and Prosperous The Year of Dog

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In the middle of February, China celebrates the year of dog. Chinese New Year is an important celebration for Chinese people. Chinese New Year or Lunar Day is a special day that always very eagerly awaited by the Chinese society.

On the day of Chinese New Year, the most common thing Chinese society do are chilling and take their time with the whole family. They hope this celebration could bring a good luck, bright, and prosperity for the future. They also hope that may a luckiness come to them as a good start at the beginning of the year.

According to Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the year of dog. Obviously, the year of the earth dog. The Chinese claimed and agreed that dog as a golden animal. If there is a dog in one home, then it symbolized the coming of fortune. During the year of dog, forecasted that people with Chinese zodiac dog sign are going to have a year ahead full of challenges.

Around the spring new year, Chinese also have their own traditions in welcoming lunar day. While quality time with family, they also have their dinner together. Of course with delicious Chinese cuisine. Other than that, the celebrations marked by wearing new clothes or cheongsam (Chinese traditional dress for woman) and it usually identic with red colour.

Ritual offering of tea, fireworks, and the impressive dragon puppet paradise also attended the celebration of Chinese New Year. There is also the tradition of younger family members receiving cash or gifts in red envelopes. This tradition known as Hangbao giving.

Chinese New Year also known as Lunar Day, has a routine ritual to do in invoking prosperity for the year ahead. They have traditions when Chinese New Year come if they want to stay lucky.

  1. Cleaning home must be done before the day of Chinese New Year.
  2. Red is the colour of luckiness and happiness in Chinese culture. So they hang red lanterns in the door way and wearing red to attract good energy were commonly done.
  3. Many people also set off fireworks hoping to keep away bad luck.

Chinese New Year celebrated by Chinese society all over the world. A joyful celebration was held to convey good wishes a great year ahead.

Writer: Vanesa Bella | Editor: Sasya Semitari P & Galih Perdana

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