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The Unexpected Lady Bird

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The Unexpected Lady Bird

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Movies. When I think about movies the first thing that will always be on my mind about movie is the power they have to bring out an emotion. Whether it’s a feeling of excitement or nostalgic it never fails to make us feel something.

I watch this movie by Greta Gerwig called Lady Bird and suddenly remember all of the stupid things I did in my adolescence year (I’m saying that like I’m an old lady with two jobs even though I just graduated from HS 2 years ago). I remember I wanted to be different. As different as a 16 year old chubby girl with a veil could get back then. The impulse of lying to my parents about everything because I know they will pick apart every activity that I have and labeled them as unnecessary is very strong and very stupid back then.

When I watched the trailer of Lady Bird and when I heard the buzzes around the Internet, my first thought about this movie that its going to be one of those movies with a perspective of an outcast in high school. But then I heard that Greta Gerwig who’s in Frances Ha (2012) and Maggie’s Plan (2015) is directing it and I was tempted to try and watch.

The movie surprises me, it’s not about the drama she faces with the generic mean girls or “I-want-to-fit-in-but-I’m-awkward-and-in-a-desperate-need-of-a-make-over-Blah”. No, the movie focuses on her relationship with her family especially her mom. Yes there’s probably some scene that’s way to explicit for some people with innocent eyes (especially Indonesian people’s eyes) but the movie focuses more than the “losing virginity gimmick” its about her the acceptance of ones self no matter where you came from.

I rarely sees this kind of movie lately, with a lot of studios and directors focusing on a big expensive project with some sort of sci-fi or fantasy theme to it. This movie is totally worth watching if you love Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones, 2009) and Greta Gerwig or even if you only have heard of them. Not to mention that this movie have been nominated for 5 Academy Award. So if you haven’t been on the Oscars bandwagon, come and join us who do, and gushes about our champion for this year Oscars season.

By: Safaanah | Editor: Nadhira Aliya & Galih Perdana

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