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Spread Awareness about LGBT with The Experts

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Spread Awareness about LGBT with The Expert

Foto: Dokumen Korps Mahasiswa Ilmu Komunikasi UAI

Some believed that LGBT is an increasingly serious problem in the world, especially for the world of medicine. More and more, the spread of LGBT increase and even spread in Indonesia. Of course there are many parties who criticize LGBT presence that is not accordance with eastern culture. The parties also intensively conduct some movements against LGBT.

One of the movement against LGBT conducted by alumni of Communication Studies UAI. They made a seminar with the theme: “LGBT: Lingkugan Bebas Berakhir Tragis.” The seminar held in Arifin Panigoro auditorium (16/4/2018) brought professional speakers who present data and the fact which made all audiences stunned. They are Dr. Dewi Inong,Sp.KK , Ihsan Gumilar, and Aliah B.P Hasan. The event opened with a welcome speech given by representatives of Communication Studies alumni, then continued by Dr. Irwa Zarkasi, SE., M.Si (The Dean of FISIP) and Dr. Nita Noriko (The Vice Rector III).

Spread Awareness about LGBT with The Expert
Sumber foto: Instagram @universitasalazharindonesia

After the open speech, the event began with the presentation from Dr. Inong. Her relaxed and passionate presentation made the students listen it seriously. In addition, the material that was delivered also helped the students to give more attention. She provided an explanation about the dangers of free sex and LGBT. She showed data and facts about how many diseases can be easily transmitted through free sex.

“60% of HIV/Aids transmitted from LGBT through anal sex. So anal sex is the biggest cause of HIV/Aids,” she explained.

Not only HIV/Aids, other diseases are ready to undermine the bodies of LGBT does. She told the audiences there is new disease called ‘Sarkoma Kaposi’ that has been spread abroad. Dr Inong recently found one patient in Indonesia who suffered from the disease and tried to find his partner who might suffer from the same disease. Unfortunately, not long ago the patient has passed away.

Continued with the second speaker, Aliah, who explained that LGBT is a movement which spread around the world. “LGBT has become a movement now, so they have their own strategies to spread their teachings,” she told the audiences. According to Aliah, LGBT doers want to increase the number of their members to be excluded from the criteria of deviant behavior.

They feel that LGBT is entrusted and a representation of freedom of human rights. Aliah also said that the long-term goal of LGBT is to legalize Paraphilia (a person who shows sexual arousal in response to unusual stimuli). So it is possible that the next movement they will do is for Pedophilia and Zoophilia.

While Aliah focused on the psychology of LGBT doers, the third speaker, Ihsan, focused more on the cases of LGBT and the brain function of the doers. Ihsan recounts that there have been many parades conducted in some countries to show the existence of LGBT. And for Ihsan, what is worried him more is that many children are join the parade. It shows that they have taught children to behave deviantly and teach that LGBT is a normal thing.

Spread Awareness about LGBT with The Expert
Sumber foto: Instagram @universitasalazharindonesia

One of the ways to spread LGBT is also done through textbooks. DSM book which used for psychology majors is one of the books which ‘support’ LGBT. “Indonesia is using a book of DSM psychology IV which has abolished the claim that homosexuality is a psychiatric disease. Whereas, on previous book there is a statement that homosexuality is a psychiatric disease,” said Ihsan.

According to Ihsan, the abolition of the homosexuality statement is considered illogical because it is based on voting. Of course, according to him, homosexuality is a psychiatric disease because there are changes which can be detected through brain development.

“No one is born with homosexuality. There must be a cause of that,” he said. For him, the biggest cause of LGBT is the environment. That is why it is important for people to establish a positive environment and spread the dangers of LGBT to prevent its development.

Reporter: Safa | Editor: Galih Perdana

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